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What makes B-North's technology so special?

What is it about B-North’s technology infrastructure that makes it special? What are its advantages over others?

- 21 JUN 2021

Technology diagram

B-North’s technology infrastructure is the essential component to our cloud-native banking service.

Cloud-native technology, introduced in the last five years, has allowed us to produce a bank which, at its core, is faster, more agile and more effective than other banking technology systems.

The advantage of creating a new bank without legacy systems or business processes is we can design the solution around our customers’ needs. For B-North, it’s a perfect fit, and could not be more different from the over-engineered legacy designs that traditional banks have tried to revamp of late.

As we’ve built B-North, we’ve mobilised our technology infrastructure as we’ve mobilised our policies and front line staff, to make us game-ready for when a licence is granted and to compel the regulator to see the full B-North offering as we embodied it from the start.

Early on, we selected Mambu, the SaaS banking engine, and nCino, the cloud-based loan and deposit origination platform. We immediately innovated with both solutions to create the first dynamic integration between the two newly respected market leaders.

Through this combined platform, B-North can process loans at speed, make borrowing more straight-forward for SME customers and receive valuable data insights to help constantly evolve and improve our model.

It’s not enough that we implement these models – we also have to stress-test them. That’s why we brought on Testhouse earlier this year. Testhouse has been maximising technology systems within businesses for twenty years. Through them, we were able to thoroughly test the end-to-end loan origination process – including the user experience and the integration with B-North staff and brokers – as well as the various data integrations between nCino, Mambu, Xero and Companies House.

Testhouse also worked with B-North to select a test automation tool so that we can conduct large-volume stress testing in the future with ease. We have to have the capabilities to do this regularly, to ensure that B-North’s infrastructure remains secure and reliable.

We feel it’s testament to the strength of our technology systems that the regulator has responded so well to our banking application. B-North’s offering is a hybrid of cloud banking overlaid with human interaction at our regional pods, and it’s fair to say that there would not necessarily be a B-North – or a Bank North, even – if we had elected for a less robust technology integration.