Bank North Anti-Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Anti-Corruption Statement.

Our Anti-Slavery, Human Trafficking & Anti-Corruption Policy

Bank North has a Code of Conduct for all employees, which must be signed and agreed to on an annual basis. The Code of Conduct establishes Bank North’s commitment to ensuring all employees are treated fairly, equally, with respect, and with the utmost dignity. 

The Bank as a whole takes a forward thinking and pragmatic approach to helping its employees succeed. This is achieved by ensuring there is a unified vision of success, that people come to work in a supportive environment, and a high standard of professionalism and ethics is upheld.

All Bank North employees are provided with the Bank North Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, Whistleblowing (Speak-Up Policy), and Financial Crime policies to ensure there is a company-wide understanding of where the company stands. Every employee at Bank North must complete mandatory online training which covers issues relating to Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Financial Crime.

As a FinTech enabled Bank, our structure is made up of IT-enabled, online services residing within the United Kingdom. We aim to have mutually beneficial relationships with all our third-party suppliers who must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations including those relating to Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking and Financial Crime.

Our internal policies ensure we actively seek and only engage with suppliers who share the same values as Bank North and do not engage in any form of Slavery or Human Trafficking. We are also investigating how we may work with suppliers to provide them with training on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking.

The Bank’s risk management framework ensures that any risks associated with Financial Crime, Modern Slavery or Human Trafficking are appropriately mitigated and controlled.

Bank North Whistleblowing Policy “Speak Up”

The Bank North Whistleblowing policy “Speak Up” provides all employees with the correct procedures to raise concerns around safety, risk, breach of due process, or wrongdoing which either directly or indirectly affects the people of Bank North, as well as its customers, shareholders, and the public. All employees can report these concerns safely and anonymously directly to their line manager, senior manager, or nominated Whistleblowing champion. The “Speak Up” policy is taken very seriously and Bank North has pledged to investigate all claims, and where there are grounds, Bank North will take appropriate action.

Bank North in 2022

In 2022, Bank North will remain vigilant and committed to tackling Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Financial Crime within the capacity of the Bank. Bank North will continue to develop its understanding on the risks of these topics, and ensure that they are identified both internally and in Third party providers. All current and new employees that Bank North onboards in 2022 will complete mandatory online training which covers issues relating to Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, and Financial Crime.

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Bank North has been Authorised with Restrictions since 24th August 2021, at which point the firm entered a phase known as mobilisation. During this phase, the bank will be undertaking lending activities but will not be accepting customer deposits.