Getting culture right

At Bank North, culture is not the responsibility of one single person or of the HR department alone. Every single person at Bank North is responsible for the culture we have here. We believe in doing the right thing, and creating a working environment that brings people into work with a spring in their step, and leaves them satisfied at the end of the day.

Due to our size, we are able to get everyone together when we need to and talk things through - working things out as a team. We don’t believe in hierarchy and our flat structure allows everyone to have more exposure to a range of opportunities within the business. This is critical for personal development but also helps to develop understanding of ‘the whole’ and create a shared purpose.

At Bank North, we are not a traditional Bank; we are innovative, passionate, and invested in our customers and every decision we make is reflective of who we are, and who we want to be as a business.

“Culture is the fingerprint of the business. You can replicate products and services, but you can’t replicate a culture”

Sue Murdoch Bank North’s Chief People Officer

This is an exciting time for our business – we are growing and we understand how important it is that we protect the culture we have created and at the same time allow it to evolve and grow with the business. We have worked incredibly hard to mobilise the Bank and become a full formed, SME lending bank. For everyone at the business, our culture is just as important as completing our Mobilisation stage.

Our culture is underpinned by four principles: innovation, customer-focus, agility, and challenge. These translate through to our daily actions, mindsets, and behaviours:

We are all in this together – this is our business
Everyone has each other’s backs
We are supportive, inclusive and respectful of each other
I feel empowered to take personal responsibility for my work

We know that as we grow as a business, the culture at Bank North is key to our success and will set us apart from other banks in the market. We let our actions speak for themselves, and we let others do the talking for us.

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Bank North has been Authorised with Restrictions since 24th August 2021, at which point the firm entered a phase known as mobilisation. During this phase, the bank will be undertaking lending activities but will not be accepting customer deposits.