Getting To Know Liam Williamson - Bank North Savings Product Manager

Liam Williamson

What are the main functions of your role?

My role as Savings Product Manager has a few functions, but specifically around designing the savings product range, creating new propositions, bringing those products to market, and ensuring all governance is followed throughout the process.

What is your number one focus when building Bank North’s savings offer?

Ensuring our savings products are easily understood by the customer, and that ties into helping our customer’s build financial resilience. In general; people have not historically saved throughout their lives and the mindset is very “I want to get into a savings habit but I don’t know how to” or “I can’t save as I’m not left with much after my bills”. We are here to help people build and save for weddings, holidays, or retirement without making people struggle whilst saving.

As one of the newest members of the Bank North team, what has impressed you the most so far about the bank?

Definitely the culture at Bank North. When you think of working for a bank, you expect it to be very corporate and hierarchical. But when I’ve been talking to Jonathan Thompson and Dave Broadbent, Bank North’s CEO and CFO, you get the sense that everyone is pushing towards the same goal which is to put the customer first and change the way commercial lending and banking is done. It’s very rare that you can get results and push deadlines through quickly. It feels like everyone has the same objectives which pushes you to help everyone whilst also feeling supported in your role.

There are so many banks and building societies to choose from, how can consumers make sure they choose the right provider for them?

You want to choose someone that is regulated by the FCA and the PRA, so you know that the bank is run in accordance with the regulator. Then you’ve got the FSCS limit, which protects your savings up to £85k. Looking for the FCA, PRA, and FSCS banners when you are searching for the right bank or building society is important to ensure your money is protected up to the FSCS limit and that they are doing what’s right for their customers.

The other thing is that savings rates have been low over the last few years so it’s important to look around and make sure you’re getting the best deal for you. And that’s not just down to the rate, it’s down to the service, the business proposition, and how easy it is to interact with your bank. During the pandemic, it has been essential for banks and building societies to have a really good digital platform so the customer’s end to end journey is as slick and seamless as possible.

Outside of work, how do you like to spend your spare time?

I love going to the theatre, so I try to go as often as I can. I’m also a massive fan of golf so I enjoy golfing early in the morning and spending a few hours clearing my head. I’m also a really big Harry Potter fan.
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